The Need for Jesus in China Seems Bigger Than Ever Before

February 18, 2020 •Chinese

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Chinese speakers like Lan want to hear how Jesus loves them and how they can walk with Him in their daily lives.

Up until recently, we took the English version of our Today devotional and translated all of it for Chinese speakers. But now more and more, our team of Chinese speakers writes devotionals that are applicable to the Chinese culture and the challenges people face there.

God is using these devotionals and other relevant content to help people in China connect with one another and grow in their faith—even on secular, digital "new media" applications. The team is using a new “check-in” feature on WeChat, the most popular social network in China where our Chinese translation of Seeking God's Face is published, to allow believers to connect discreetly and safely without fear of being ridiculed for being a Christian.

Lan is just one of the many people who has found it especially meaningful.

The Power of Connection in a Culture of Non-Christians

“Through the application, we can keep in touch about the spiritual health of our brothers and sisters and provide timely help and prayer,” Lan recently told us.

“I have often been very encouraged by things my brothers and sisters in this group have shared, too, especially when I have been particularly down.”

That connection and encouragement has led Lan to reach out and share the Gospel with others.

An Online “Church”

“Often many believers don’t have a church fellowship group, and are fairly disconnected, spiritually,” Lan says. “By using the check-in option in this way, we can have a small group on WeChat where we can interact with brothers and sisters from various places and they can pray for each other at any time.”

Jerry An, the director or our Chinese language ministry, believes that because of the pressures people are facing in China now is the best time for us to share the Gospel.

“All the uncertainty and fear in China is making people more open to the Gospel,” Jerry says. “Many church leaders in China have assured us that this is the best time to reach out and share God's Word. People are more open to the Gospel now than before.”

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