Receiving the Church in Japan

In Japan, less than 2 percent of the population openly professes Christ as their Savior. Yet we know that many more would do so if not for the social stigma placed not only on Christians but also their entire family. Our Japanese ministry team seeks to reach these hesitant believers and seekers.

Your gifts offer a safe way to hear the Gospel for those who want to know more about the Christian faith but are afraid to step into a church. You will also connect believers to one another, both online and through listener events for dispersed believers. God is working in Japan—will you join Him?

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Video Program: The Church in My Town

A new video program hosted on YouTube, The Church in My Town, our Japanese ministry team gives viewers a glimpse into churches around the country and the people who worship there.

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A Story From theJapanese Ministry


Keeping Faith a Secret

July 27, 2016

In a collectivist culture like Japan, people pride themselves on blending in. Something as simple as dressing differently from the rest of your coworkers could cause anxiety.

This is the dilemma that many Japanese seekers face when they explore the Christian faith.

“In Japan, there is little opportunity to know Jesus Christ, especially if they’re looking for success in the business world,” says Rev. Masao Yamashita, who leads the Japanese language outreach of Back to God Ministries International.


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Rev. Masao Yamashita

Rev. Masao Yamashita


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“It is very important to connect listeners to local churches. The power of the radio and Internet ministry is great, but listeners may have a hard time making any personal connections. If not connected to a local church, they become floating souls.”
—Rev. Masao Yamashita

Masao became the Japanese ministry leader in 1998. He was raised in a Buddhist family, but at age sixteen he borrowed a Bible. As Masao read it, he felt God speak to him. He began attending a local church and started listening to our Japanese radio program The Morning Word. A year later he committed his life to Christ. Masao studied at Kobe Reformed Seminary and then graduated from Calvin Seminary in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Masao and his wife, Tomoko, have four children and six grandchildren.

MoreJapanese Media Outreach

Audio Program: Tohoku Asa no Kotoba (Morning Word)

Morning Word is a 5-minute Bible-teaching program aired on three commercial radio stations in Northern Japan and can also be heard online. The program is designed to attract seekers to God’s Word.

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Devotional: Asa no Kotoba (Morning Word)

Morning Word, a 5-minute daily devotional, is received by thousands of cell phone subscribers each Monday through Saturday. The program can also be heard online.

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Audio Program: Kirisuto eno Jikan (The Hour for Christ)

The Hour for Christ is a weekly evangelistic message presenting biblical truths. The program is broadcast on Sundays, and can also be heard online.

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Audio Program: Seisho wo Hirako (Let’s Open the Bible)

Let’s Open the Bible is a weekly biblical sermon available online.

Audio Program: Namiko’s Hohoemi Talk (Namiko’s Smiling Talk)

Namiko’s Smiling Talk is a 15-minute evangelistic program featuring Bible stories for children who may have no other way to hear about Jesus. Families can access the program or download audio files online.

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Devotional: Rijoisu (Rejoice)

Rejoice, a daily devotional, is produced in cooperation with the general assembly of the Reformed Church of Japan. It can be read or heard online and via mobile app.

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