Growing the Church in India

Many people in India suffer from ethnic, class, and religious hatred, and this has only grown worse in recent years. The nation is located in the center of the 10/40 window—a section of the world with some of the largest unreached people groups. Together, we have the opportunity to reach this vast mission field where media outreach offers a safe way to share the Gospel, and connect believers to one another.

Thanks to partners like you, we are able to use media to share the Gospel with speakers in our world’s fourth-largest language group, the majority of whom are unreached, living in India.

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Magazine: Masihi Ahwan (Christian Calling)

Magazine: Masihi Ahwan (Christian Calling)

Christian Calling is a monthly magazine to inspire, instruct, inform and influence people in their desire to follow Jesus. It provides a variety of articles, poems, testimonies, a daily devotional, health and science topics, stories and features where a Christian perspective is presented. The magazine is available in print and digital form, and can be read and downloaded from our website.

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A Story From theHindi Ministry

Pawan Ad Web

Laws Don't Stop the Gospel—Pawan's Story

July 27, 2016

Our Hindi ministry team in northern India meets regularly with seekers and Christians who listen to their radio and internet programs, but don’t have a regular form of fellowship with one another.

At one such event, Pawan (his first name is omitted for his safety) shared his powerful story with the ministry team and about 35 listeners from his area.

“Pawan grew up worshiping spirits and would eventually start telling the fate of the people using black magic,” shares...

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It’s estimated that 97% of the 1.3 billion people in India have not heard the Gospel or accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior.

Last year, we received and followed up with more than 3,700 texts, calls, or letters in response to our ministry programs.


Hindi, the official language of India, is spoken by more than 365 million people.

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Jeevan Vriksh (Tree of Life)

Jeevan Vriksh (Tree of Life)

Jeevan Vriksh is a 5-10 minute weekly video program. In these videos, hosts dig deeper into relevant topics and relate it to current events and our Christian response.

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Dainik Manan (Daily Bread)

Dainik Manan (Daily Bread)

These 2-3 minute videos allow viewers to access our daily devotionals on YouTube, read aloud to them, along with the daily Scripture.

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Radio Program: Mahima Ke Vachan (Words of Glory)

Words of Glory is a 30-minute magazine-style radio program that includes Bible-based messages, Hindi songs, a health segment, and a Q&A segment on relevant topics. The program is translated and adapted in four local languages. A website featuring all the Hindi and tribal language programs was launched in 2013.

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Radio Program: Asha Ki Kiran (Ray of Hope)

Ray of Hope is a 15-minute program featuring a short message, dialogue, and an audio drama dealing with issues that affect youth. Each program presents a biblical perspective to help guide young people as they make important life choices.

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